Want to save yourself from eating hundreds of extra calories every week? Great!

Stay with me now…

“Where’s the nearest drive-thru?
What do I want?
Burrito…hamburger…something sweet?

Ummmmm, BURRITO!

Okay, now where should I go?
Taco Bell? Norm’s? Green Burrito?
WAIT!!!!! WHY do I want a burrito?
I just had breakfast, I’ve got my water bottle, so WHY DO I WANT A BURRITO?

Oh, right. My son’s having his wisdom teeth pulled out.
My big, strong, football player is scared, and I guess I’m scared too.
The oral surgeon asked me to come back in about 2 hours to pick him up.
But I know he’s fine, right? Of course he’ll be fine.
Will he be fine?


This is a REAL glimpse into my mind a few years ago when I was first learning how to connect my unplanned eating with what was going on in my life.

You know what I mean, right? Eating when you’re not really physically hungry?

I was learning how to pay attention to when I was using food to comfort, numb, or distract myself from what was happening in my life.

In this story, I asked myself WHY I wanted a burrito.

How about you? Have you had any BURRITO moments lately?
 Maybe your moment was PIE, CHIPS or FRIES?

Were you able to quickly drill down to WHY you wanted food when you weren’t really physically hungry?

So, what did you do instead of eat?

For me, once I understood I only wanted a BURRITO for comfort, and that based on FACTS I wasn’t even physically hungry, I ended up driving past three places I could’ve stopped for the BURRITO, and instead went to Target where I bought tea bags to help prevent swelling, Gatorade, and soup for my son’s recovery.

And I saved myself about 500 calories! True, I wouldn’t have been able to eat an entire burrito at once, but I would’ve snacked on it all day long!

My friend, your first step in the BURRITO EXIT STRATEGY is to notice…to pay attention. It’s about pausing when you know what the FACTS are.

“I just finished dinner 30 minutes ago. Why am I opening the refrigerator door?”

”I’m not really a fan of store-bought brownies, so why am I in the break room eating them?”

Begin here my friend, because your POWER is in the PAUSE.

When you know the FACTS…“I just ate dinner.” or “I don’t even like store-bought brownies.” Ask yourself, “What’s really going on with me right now? Am I even physically hungry ?”

You can even give it a name like I did, so when  that moment comes up you can say to yourself – like the superhero you are, “Time for my BURRITO {chips, pie, french fries, crackers, cookies} EXIT STRATEGY!”

Practice the PAUSE in just that moment.
Notice the FACTS.
Ask yourself WHY?
Then make a choice that will move you closer to living your healthiest and happiest life with weight loss surgery.

My friend, you’re worth this kind of effort.