In 2:14 you’ll learn…
…How I’m definitely not immune to hard situations.
…How it still takes me a while to realize when to use my coaching tools.
…What I do to calm myself, reduce stress, and bring back peace.


A couple weeks ago I got the 4 a.m. phone call.

Unless your dearest friend is expecting a baby, these calls are never good.  Within seconds I went from a peaceful sleep into a hard situation.

By early afternoon I felt sick.  My stomach was churning, my head hurt, and my body ached all over.  My body’s compass had been sending me alerts, and it took three before I finally paid attention.

My thoughts about this new, hard situation and the person involved, were making me sick.

It was time to do THE WORK, a process of questioning thoughts that are causing pain.  And I was in pain!  Byron Katie’s THE WORK is one of my favorite coaching tools.  It NEVER fails to ease my pain, or remove it completely, and give me peace by letting the light in.  Even though there was more to deal with that day, I felt much better.

The next day I was on my way to an appointment where I was about to face the hard situation head-on.

I was so nauseous I could barely drive.

stomach churning? Do the work.

“I don’t get nauseous.  What’s going on?”  I answered myself, “Ummmm, Mary…you’re on your way to deal with a hard thing you’ve never done before.  Of course you feel sick!” (Yes, I often Q & A myself out loud.)

I was 10 minutes away from the location and decided I couldn’t handle what was coming while feeling nauseous.  So I called upon another favorite coaching tool to ease my stress. TAPPING (also called EFT…Emotional Freedom Technique).  Granted, since I was driving, it was one-handed TAPPING, but it worked.  In less than 10 minutes I TAPPED away my sadness and fear, and walked into the appointment ready to face the situation.  Bonus!  I was so calm that a man in the waiting room, Steven, felt comfortable sharing his story with me, adding fuel to my power of peace.

This is how I live now.

My life is not immune to hard situations.  I don’t ever expect it to be.  So when the hard things come, even though it may take me a little while, I call upon my coaching tools and daily spiritual practice to move through the situation with as little suffering and as much peace as possible.

It’s way better living like this than how I’d been living my whole life.

How about you?

Do you ever have physical symptoms like a head or stomach ache, and it’s not the flu or a cold?  It could be your thoughts about a situation or a person making you feel sick.

It’s time for you to consider another way of reacting to people and situations that make your head hurt or your stomach churn.

Sweetheart, let’s talk.


Love, light and peace to you. 🌞 ~Mary