Super Simple Step #3 – Part 1 to Weight Loss Surgery Sweet Holiday Success!

Step #3: Get super-focused on ONE thing!

In Super Simple Step #2, {click here to watch the video} I asked you to choose three of the fundamental weight loss surgery guidelines to focus on this holiday season. Now, in Super Simple Step #3, I’m asking you to get super-focused on ONE thing within those 3 guidelines, that you want to pay more attention to during the holidays.


It’s not enough to say, “I want to eat healthy.” OR “I want to get more sleep.” You need to get super-clear on HOW you’re going to do that. And then, get it into your schedule. In Super Simple Step #3 video ~ I’m reviewing…


…and giving you some examples on what you might want to focus on.

And that’s it!

Our goal is for you to wake up on January 2nd feeling super-confident and proud of the way you took care of yourself during the holidays, so you can head into 2018 feeling strong, and ready to take on your other weight loss surgery goals! 💛

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