I got a lot of questions when I first had surgery, from people who thought I’d be giving up too much. “But Mary, what about sugar after weight loss surgery?”

If you’re coming up against weight loss surgery “naysayers” here’s how I explained sugar after weight loss surgery to my 6 year-old granddaughter.

When Sadie is with me for the day and decides she’s not eating green beans at dinner, I let it go and enjoy her company while she eats her chicken and rice. And I don’t lie in bed that night reading articles on how to get 1st graders to eat vegetables.

No more. I’m Gigi now, not mom.

So last weekend, Sadie was unwrapping her Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (bought by her dad and my son) and just before she popped the chocolate into her mouth she stopped, looked at me and said, “Gigi, you don’t eat a lot of sugar do you?”

Hmmmm, how do I explain why I eat less sugar after weight loss surgery, to a first grader?

Me: “No, not that much.”
Sadie: “You don’t like it when I eat sugar, do you?”
Me: “What makes you say that?”
Sadie: “Because every time I try to give you some you say you don’t want any. I don’t think you want me to eat sugar either.”

Since I happened to be working on my laptop at the time, I asked Sadie to come sit down with me and take a look.

Me: “Okay, here’s Gigi now, right?”
Sadie: “Right.”
Me: “And here’s another picture of me, right?”
Sadie: “Yes.”
Me: “And this is me, too.”

I showed Sadie a picture of myself from 2010, the year she was born and a year before I had weight loss surgery. I was waiting for her to gasp, to throw her hands over her eyes in horror and scream “Gigi !?!?!”

Sadie: “You’re pretty in this picture too, Gigi. And your hair is blonde. I like your hair when it’s blonde.”
Me: Speechless, heart overflowing with love and eyes filling with tears, “I love you Sadie,” as I kiss her forehead.

And then I explained to my granddaughter, WHY I don’t eat that much sugar after weight loss surgery. That even though I looked “pretty” I was sick inside and had to take lots of pills and even shots just so I could live each day. I told her I had weight loss surgery to change the way my tummy works, and now I don’t eat as much food or sugar. And because of all this I don’t have to take pills or give myself shots anymore.
sugar after weight loss surgery
Sadie: “So it’s good you had surgery. I don’t want you to have shots everyday.”
Me: “Me either Sweetie. And now I’m healthy and I can play with you and do lots of things I couldn’t do when you were born.”
Sadie: “Can we watch Mary Poppins now?”

Hey, that was a long conversation for a 6-year old.

Love, light and grace to you.