My Story

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Compassionate Courage Coaching

Hello Sweetheart.

I’m Mary, and I’m the happiest, healthiest, and most at peace I’ve ever been in my adult life.

That’s saying a lot.

So it’s only right I give you a little backstory.

Six years ago I felt pretty crappy about my life.
I’d been diagnosed with diabetes on top of five other medical conditions.
My marriage had gone from on-the-rocks to falling over a cliff.
I was bitter, confused, scared, embarrassed and sick.

I couldn’t live like that anymore and made a list of things I wanted to improve in my life.

I decided to begin with my health and had weight loss surgery the following year. The day I left the hospital my diabetes was in remission and I never injected insulin again. I was on my way to a happier, healthier life.

And then, three months later my husband sat me down and said, “I haven’t been good to you.” I guess he could say that. He’d been having an affair with a coworker for years. How could I not know, right? Deep down inside I did know, but I pretended not to.

Turns out I hadn’t been good to me either.

I ignored all the signs. What would I have done anyway? I didn’t have the courage to stand up for myself. I was too afraid to take any meaningful action. I never felt good enough and I lacked self-compassion and self-confidence.

When something like this happens you’re given a choice.
You can crumble, or stumble to your strength.

I chose to stumble…through divorce, my mom’s death, financial challenges, serious medical diagnosis, and raising two teenagers.

I relied on inspirational teachers I found on You Tube, TV, in books and blogs. I immersed myself in learning as much as I could about resilience, vulnerability, compassion and loving what is. And I practiced it all.

For more than two years I stumbled, but I discovered my strength.

Then one day my sweet friend said, “Mary, I’m amazed by how you’ve come through the last few years. Your strength and courage are inspiring. I think you should consider helping people who are going through rough times.”

Her encouragement led to my 9-month Life Coach training with Dr. Martha Beck. Yes, Oprah’s personal Life Coach. Then I completed Level 1 Spirit Junkie training with the amazing Gabrielle Bernstein.

Today I work with people who feel discouraged, unworthy or frustrated, and help them move toward inspiration, confidence and peace.

I teach my clients how to make a heart and mindset shift about people, situations, and themselves. I support them as they create a path for living their best lives.

And how do they do that? With Compassionate Courage AND a Fresh Approach.