This week’s awesome Spiritual Teachers in my life are Brené Brown and Sadie.

Brené is one of my favorite teachers, authors, and all around AWESOME people! Her new book, RISING STRONG, is out now! I happen to have an up close and personal relationship with the second teacher, Sadie, my 5 year-old granddaughter.

When Sadie was about 3, she said, “You know what Gigi? Oatmeal’s good for you because it cleans your heart.” That’s the day she got her own hashtag, #SADIEWISDOM.

Sadie told me last week that she’d been in time-out because she argued with a friend about a toy. She also explained how she said to her friend a few days later, “I didn’t know you already picked that toy. I’m sorry for yelling at you.”

On Saturday, Sadie approached her Uncle Adrian and said, “Do you remember when I was mad at you?” Adrian nodded yes. “I’m sorry about that, Uncle Adrian.”



She’s apologizing and making amends for her behavior, even after the other person has probably forgotten about the situation. Sadie is my Spiritual Teacher.

What about you?

Are you noticing the Spiritual Teachers who show up in your life? They may not be famous, have a fancy title, or even be over the age of 5. A Spiritual Teacher is someone who’s practicing vulnerability, courage, love, compassion and peace in their own life, and somehow…they show up in yours.

Sweetheart, pay attention. Because your teachers are everywhere.

Love, light and grace to you.