There are some people in our lives we can NEVER imagine taking advice from, right?

That crazy boss you had 10 years ago who had NO IDEA how to run a business.
Your sister-in-law who can barely take care of her own life much less give advice to somebody else.

You get where I’m going with this. There are just some people that we’ll never see as more than, “Oh….him.” And we’d NEVER consider them a Spiritual Teacher!

This is the label I put on my ex-husband. Until about four years ago we rarely spoke. I mean years went by and I had no idea what was going on with him or where he was. And then one day he sent a message, apologizing for everything he’d done and not done since we divorced in 1990.


I can’t tell you I was quick to accept his apology, but by December, 2013, he was having dinner with us and has visited a few more times over the last couple years. But still I didn’t see him as someone I’d ever take advice from.

Until this weekend.

He called to check in, which he does every month or so, and found me in the middle of making a pretty big decision. Long story short, he offered very sound advice based on his own experience and growth over the last five years.

And guess what, I took it.

Here’s the other thing my ex-husband taught me.

Who am I to think I’m the only one who can make big changes in how I think through situations and manage life’s challenges?
Who am I to write-off someone’s value because of the choices they made 25 years ago?

So while I’m not saying this happens with everybody who’s ever ‘done you wrong,’ and yes- 25 years has helped heal some big wounds, I’m asking you to be open to hearing from your Accidental Spiritual Teacher.

(and by the way, it’s no accident.)

Ready to look at your life and the people in it, differently? With more love in your heart and peace in your body than you’ve ever had before? Then let’s talk.

Love, light and peace to you.