“I shouldn’t be complaining about this because I’m the one who’s a bad patient. I know it’s my fault I am where I am because I didn’t do everything I was supposed to. I didn’t even follow up with my doctor the way he told me.” ~Weight Loss Surgery sister.

You know how I feel about this kind of self-talk. When I heard it from a client recently, I asked her to get it all out. I asked her to say more about it. I asked her to lay it all out on the table – or at least as much as she could.

She kept going, I kept listening. Eventually she heard it, and stopped. “It’s exhausting,” she said.

What is it sweetheart

Our weight loss surgery sister said she felt exhausted by all of it.
Complaining about it.
Thinking about it.
Worrying about it.
Allowing it to control her.
Feeling sad about it.

Are you curious about what it is? So is our weight loss surgery sister. We’re putting our hearts and heads together to uncover it, by digging a little deeper. My hunch is, it’s not going to be snacking on chips, skipping the gym or eating out that’s causing all this pain.

But we’ll find it. I’m sure of it.

Sweetheart, do you have an IT?
What’s IT keeping you from enjoying, experiencing, loving?
Ready to find out what IT is and what to do about IT?

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Love, light and grace to you.