In 3:33 you’ll learn how:
~I found peace in tight underwear.
~The consequences of hibernation.
~How to transition peacefully between cookies and spinach protein shakes.

I won’t tell you that I don’t gain pounds here and there because I do. And I probably gained 8 pounds over the holidays last year.

“What?!  In 2014?  How did you let that happen?”

That’s just the point.  I let it happen.  You could say I invited it to happen.

“You invited it?  Are you saying you decided to gain 8 pounds?”

Hmmm.  Here’s what happened.

Earlier in 2014, I pictured a flurry of activities in our new home over the holidays;
a cookie decorating party, open house, tree decorating, a night of Christmas caroling.
This was the first year for me and my kids without any major upheaval since 2010. The biggest challenge was my broken ankle. On Thanksgiving night I checked in with myself to see what I really wanted for the holidays.

The answer?


“And that’s when you decided to gain 8 pounds?”

That’s when I decided to listen to my body, heart & soul, and spend Christmastime hibernating.

Mary making cookies 2My kids and I watched every Christmas movie we own and practically all the holiday movies on Netflix and Hallmark channel.
I cooked something deliciously wonderful almost everyday.
I baked cookies, brownies and lemon bars every weekend.
I peacefully gazed upon our 12-foot Christmas tree every morning and every night.
I went through old Christmas ornaments and recalled the special memories attached to each one.
I delighted in Christmastime.

When I did leave the house I went to Disneyland with Sadie!

When I did leave the house I went to
Disneyland with Sadie!

I made the conscious decision to spend December doing things that brought peace and happiness.
With that decision, daily exercise and spinach protein smoothies took a back seat.
It’s not that they don’t bring me joy (and YES I like spinach in my protein shake), but last December they were not what my body or soul wanted.

It was the weekend before Christmas when I remember my underwear feeling tight.  I walked over to the full-length mirror and looked at myself.

“Yep, you’ve gained weight.  Okay.”  

And then I walked away from the mirror, got dressed and went downstairs to enjoy my kids and our holiday home.

Over the years, in my work as a weight loss surgery educator,
I’ve written about managing life during the holidays multiple times.
How to fit in a quick workout between shopping & decorating!
Why you should eat protein before you go to the party.
How to focus on  your friends and family instead of the food.
Why you should stay on track during the holidays to avoid weight gain!

I was completely aware that I was gaining weight during the holidays.
My only exercise was going up and down the stairs and the occasional
walk down the street, listening to Christmas music of course.
Although I can’t eat very much at one time, what I did eat was not my regular fare.
There were more carbs, fat and sugar than I usually take in.

But here’s the thing.  It didn’t bother me.  I embraced it.
For the first time in my life I had complete awareness that my conscious decision
to spend Christmastime this way, had its consequences.

Tight underwear.

The other consequences were…
I was completely at peace.
I was happy, content and full of holiday joy!
And I was awake, completely aware of my choices and at peace with them.

“So are you still carrying around those extra 8 pounds?”

No, I’m not.  They’re gone.

“How did you lose the weight?”

This was another first for me.
As sure as I knew that I was okay gaining weight during the holidays as a result
of my conscious decision, I was also very sure the extra 8 pounds were temporary.

It wasn’t about panic.
How did I gain all this weight?  
What if I can’t take it off?
I’m going to have to starve myself to lose this weight!
It wasn’t about shame.
Why didn’t I control myself!
I can’t believe I did this!
Who are you to teach others about weight control?!

My heart and soul had been fed so beautifully during my December hibernation
that it was natural for me to transition in January back to those things that
feed my heart and soul the rest of the year.
spinach protein shakes,
grilled chicken and veggies,
and sugar-free, caffeine-free, iced coffee.
These just weren’t the things I needed last December.

Within two weeks, my underwear were getting comfortable again
and by six weeks the extra 8 pounds were gone again.


Everyday I check-in with myself, usually relying on The Body Compass tool,
to gage where I am with decisions in my life, big and small.
Then I make the choices I feel will bring me the most joy and peace in each situation.

It’s a practice and it’s worth it.

Because now I understand how to live my life
with passion,
in honesty,
with courage,
and with peace in tight underwear.

I’ve learned how to help people emerge from their rings of fire
and enter their core of peace.

Peace in tight underwear

Love, light and peace to you.

Important Note:  I am in no way suggesting  you abandon your physician recommended diet or health plan, ever.  Always refer to your physician for medical instruction and your mental health provider for guidance on psychological issues.  Thank you.