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“Mary, what do you do? How does it work? How much does it cost?”

Did you have weight loss surgery more than 2 years ago?

Have you gained weight or never reached your goal weight? Was weight loss surgery your last resort and because you’re not at the weight you hoped to be, you feel like a failure? Do you go to sleep every night swearing you’ll make changes starting tomorrow, then before you know it- tomorrow’s gone and you’re making the same promise to yourself you did the night before? Are you afraid you’ll end up back at the weight you were before surgery? Do you miss those early months after surgery when the weight was just flying off and you were never hungry?

Did you have weight loss surgery less than 18 months ago?

Are you nervous you won’t be able to lose all the weight because you’ve already stalled or plateaued? Do you worry that surgery won’t work for you in the long run because nothing else ever has? Did you think ‘good’ habits would be easier to stick with after weight loss surgery, but they’re not? Are you surprised by how many mental and emotional things have come up during weight loss? Do you find yourself eating even though you’re not really hungry?

A FRESH APPROACH is for you!

When you decided to have weight loss surgery you imagined how wonderful life would be once you were healthier. Remember when your surgeon said, “You’re going to have to make lifestyle changes.”? And you replied, “Of course! I understand completely. I’ll be making big improvements to my lifestyle and developing healthy habits. I’ll do whatever it takes to reach my goal weight!” How do I know you said this? Because I’ve spent 16 years in bariatric surgery, worked with thousands of patients, and had surgery myself six years ago. I know you meant what you said to your surgeon. But how did you plan on sticking to new habits permanently? Because my hunch is you’ve spent years trying to figure out how to stick with diets and exercise plans but in the end you still had surgery. How was weight loss surgery supposed to change your ability to stick to new habits forever? “Because having surgery was such a drastic step! I thought I’d have more self-control and willpower.”

Sweetheart, your surgeon didn’t implant self-control or willpower during surgery. The only thing that changed in there is the way your stomach works. That’s it. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying weight loss surgery isn’t amazing. I know it is first-hand, literally. No more finger pricks to see if I need to inject insulin. But surgery can’t do everything. And neither can self-control or willpower. I know you’ve worked hard counting protein grams, taking your vitamins, going to support group and the gym, but you’re still not living the life you thought you would.

Sweetheart, it’s not too late. You can still live the life you dreamed of before you had weight loss surgery. We’re going to take A Fresh Approach by making a heart and mindset shift about situations, people, and yourself. I’ll help you get clear on why you really want to live your happiest, healthiest life, and we’ll be digging much deeper than, “I don’t want my knees to hurt anymore,” “I want more confidence,” “I want to be off medication,” “I want to be able to play with my kids or grandkids,” “I want to shop in regular clothing stores,” “I just want to feel better.” This may come as a surprise, but goals like these aren’t enough for lifelong motivation. But that’s exactly what you need, LIFELONG MOTIVATION. After we get clear on your WHY, (which changes over time, so we’ll keep checking in) with fresh insight you’ll identify the principles that energize and motivate you. And these are unique because only you know what inspires and encourages you, what really makes you happy, what makes you thrive. Then we’ll plan your action steps, track your progress, keep an eye on resistance and procrastination, and practice lots of self-compassion. You’ll be amazed how clear it all becomes once we put our hearts and heads together!

It’s time. No more wishing, waiting or hoping you’ll live your healthiest, happiest life…someday. No more thinking you’re a failure because you regained, plateaued or never reached your goal weight. No more worrying that you’re doomed to be overweight or obese forever. Sweetheart, you can do this. Let’s get started by getting to know each other a little better. Click here to schedule your FREE session today! That’s right. Keep your credit card in your wallet because this one’s on me.