Everything You Want to know about Working with Me

“How often do we talk?”

You and your situation are unique. Depending on what your goals are, we’ll talk for either 30 or 60 minutes every 1-2 weeks, your choice. In between our sessions, you’ll have 15-minute check-ins when you need extra support and encouragement. Beyond this, you can email and text me as often as you need to. I mean it when I say I’m here for you.

“What do I need to do?”

You can get your best results when…

  1. You’re willing to set aside the way you’ve always done things and try fresh approaches.
  2. You’re willing to practice and apply the tools and methods I teach you.
  3. You commit to making your health – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, a priority in your daily schedule.
  4. You’re willing to tell me when you need extra help and be open to receiving it.
  5. You’re in a quiet, private, calm space for our sessions.

“Mary, what do you do?”

I listen and pay attention. I notice thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and habits that are keeping you from reaching your goals and living your best life. Then I introduce and teach you methods, tools, and concepts for specific situations so you can get the results you want.

After we talk I prepare your “Insight + Action” plan, which highlights your AHA-moments (your Insights), summarizes my observations (my Insights), recaps the tools, concepts, and methods we discussed, and lays out the action-steps you committed to. PLUS, I always share the best quotes and lessons from my favorite life-teachers!

In between our sessions, I check in with you. If your action-step is to research gyms near your workplace or spend 5 minutes each morning in prayer or meditation, I’ll ask you for an update. (Accountability Partner)

If you text me that you’re feeling stressed out by situations at work or home, we’ll hop on the phone for 15 minutes and I’ll listen. Together we’ll sort out “first things first”, get things into a healthy perspective, and make sure you’re heaping on the self-compassion. (Support and Encouragement)

If you’re practicing a new tool, method, or concept, and feel like something’s just not working, you’ll let me know. Then we’ll talk, email, or text so I can guide you again, and then I’ll follow-up with additional resource so you can get results. (Teacher)

“How long does it take?”

It depends on what kind and how many improvements you want to make in your life. If you’re in my Fresh Approach Facebook group, get my weekly emails, or connect with me on social media, you already know I encourage you to “choose two.” If you try to take on too many improvements at once, chances are you won’t get long-lasting results. Having said that, this is where my experience as a client and a coach, AND the experiences of my coaching teachers and mentors come into play. The minimum time for us to work together is usually 6 weeks (weekly sessions) or 3 months (biweekly sessions).

Here’s WHY. The way you approach situations now, your thought patterns, habits, and responses to situations, are deeply ingrained. I know from personal experience when I was first being coached, it took time to wrap my head around some of the tools, methods, and concepts…and more time to practice them, and then eventually make them a daily habit. You and I will be working on unraveling some of the ways you’ve always done things, which aren’t getting you the results you want, and exchanging them for new practices so you CAN get the results you want. And this takes time.

Usually, the only exceptions to the 6-week minimum are my 90-minute specialized sessions using one tool for one specific goal OR teaching a specific mind-body technique. If you want to know more about these, let me know!

“What do I get?”

You get the opportunity to achieve your goals and live your best life where you can feel…ENOUGH. A life where you’re not worried about what others think, where you have healthy boundaries, where you make taking care of yourself a priority. And you get me. My support, encouragement, accountability, training, compassion, and inspiration. You get the opportunity to make incredible heart and mindset shifts so you can live your healthiest, happiest, and most peace-filled life.

Three Months

3 payments of $189  
1 payment of $519

6, one-hour sessions via phone, Facetime, or Facebook messenger video chat

Unlimited email and text communication

Three Months PLUS

3 payments  payment of $339
1 payment of $979

12, one-hour sessions via phone, Facetime, or Facebook messenger video chat

12, Insight + Action plans

Unlimited email and text communication

Six Months

6 payments of $165
1 payment of $919

12, one-hour sessions via phone, Facetime, or Facebook messenger video chat

12, Insight + Action plans

Unlimited email and text communication