If you invited me on a 7-mile hike, I’d spend a couple days planning and getting things together. I’d have plenty of water, protein bars and nuts, and I’d make sure I was wearing comfortable clothing and my best walking shoes.

Yeah. That’s the way I do things. So then why did I do the complete opposite on Tuesday?

Adrian (son-20), Grace (daughter-17), Sadie (granddaughter-6) and I went to Disneyland on Tuesday. We have annual passes so we go pretty often, 2-3 hours here and there. But since summer’s coming to an end and they’ll be heading back to school, we...

Are you doing the best you can with what you have? And are you recognizing when others are doing the best they can with what they have?

My mom and dad adopted me in 1967 when I was three months old. She was 45, he was 38. My mom was very hip for her time, marrying a younger man when she was 37 while enjoying her career at Bank of America in downtown Los Angeles where she and my dad the best you can with what you have

My parents grew...

A couple weeks ago I told you how I go through exercise phases proclaiming, “Step aerobics is life,” or “Walking is life,” or most recently, “The gym is life.”

Turns out I do the same thing with food.

I was going through some summer pics this week and found these from my birthday in June, when my son made me dinner.

When Adrian asked me what I wanted, I told him I wanted exactly what I’d been eating all month! Grilled chicken and Tabouli of course…because this food is LIFE!

He made Mediterranean chicken, Tzatziki sauce and rice, and served it with...

This pic is me discovering the "Lateral Trainer" and falling in love.

I’ve figured out I’m not an exercise loyalist.

What I mean is, I’m definitely a believer in consistent exercise, just not the same exercise all the time.

It’s funny though. Whatever exercise I’m doing at the time, I’m in LOVE with it. There’s nothing better. It’s life.

About a month ago I switched from step aerobics to walking at the park. I said to my kids, “Walking is life.”

But I’ve also said,
“Stepping is life.”
“Rebounding is life.”
“Pilates is life.”
“Yoga is life.”
“Swimming is life.”

Last week I...

There’s a lot going on right now, and it just seems to keep coming. So the question is...

How to deal with stress?

It feels like before we can mourn the loss of life from one tragedy there's another breaking news story with even more devastation.

I'm hearing from friends and acquaintances, "I feel helpless. It's hopeless."

"I shouldn’t be complaining about this because I’m the one who’s a bad patient. I know it’s my fault I am where I am because I didn’t do everything I was supposed to. I didn’t even follow up with my doctor the way he told me." ~Weight Loss Surgery sister.

You know how I feel about this kind of self-talk. When I heard it from a client recently, I asked her to get it all out. I asked her to say more about it. I asked her to lay it all out on the table - or at least as much as...

Do you ever lose track about how much progress you've made in a certain area of your life? Recently for me, it was realizing that I have far less stress in my life than I did even a few years ago.

In the fall of 2013, I volunteered for an American Cancer Society prevention study. I did lab work, answered questions about my health history, and agreed to complete annual updates.

This week I received my packet in the mail, and sat down to answer the questions yesterday. I checked boxes about my teenage eating and exercise habits (YIKES!) and...

My neighbor’s son, Oliver, has a Ninja Turtles t-shirt with a Velcro-cape. For weeks he’s been running through the house, school playground and Target, cape flying behind him. He loves it. And I’m pretty impressed how my neighbor has kept track of the detachable cape. That kind of thing would’ve been a challenge for me when I was doing laundry for three little boys. I think I would’ve lost it by now.

The other day my neighbor said, “You want to hear the most embarrassing thing that happened with Oliver at school yesterday?”

Hmmmm, more embarrassing than when the school...

Today is my first born son’s 30th birthday, otherwise known as my guinea pig child. I was 18 when I had Travis. I often joke with him that we grew up together, but we really did. While I was still trying to find my way, Travis found his. Early.

He’s always seemed to know exactly who he is. Because he’s exceptionally intelligent, we sometimes call him TRAVIPEDIA. He knows something about practically everything. And he’s one of the most comfortable-in-his-own-skin people I know.

But being a young mom, I always worried about my...

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