I was a few years late to the Dowton Abbey party. But I caught up one summer while jumping on my mini-trampoline. I've seen many of my favorite shows and videos while exercising.


If you're one of the very few who aren't familiar with this Masterpiece from PBS - it's a historical period drama taking place in Northern England on a country estate between 1912 - 1926. And it's awesome! I love it so much - here I am with my daughter Grace, at the Downton...

Super Simple Step #3 - Part 2 ... to Weight Loss Surgery Sweet Holiday Success!

Step #3 - Part 2: Get super-focused on ONE thing!

It's not enough to say, "I'M GONNA DRINK MORE WATER." OR "I REALLY NEED TO GET TO THE GYM." You need to get super-clear on HOW you're going to do that. And then, get it into your schedule. In the Super Simple Step #3 - PART 2 video ~ I'm reviewing...


...and giving you some examples on what you might want to focus on.

Our goal is for...

Super Simple Step #3 - Part 1 to Weight Loss Surgery Sweet Holiday Success!

Step #3: Get super-focused on ONE thing!

In Super Simple Step #2, {click here to watch the video} I asked you to choose three of the fundamental weight loss surgery guidelines to focus on this holiday season. Now, in Super Simple Step #3, I'm asking you to get super-focused on ONE thing within those 3 guidelines, that you want to pay more attention to during the holidays.


It's not enough to say, "I want to eat healthy." OR...

Super Simple Step #2 to Weight Loss Surgery Holiday Sweet Success!

Let's take a look at the seven fundamental weight loss surgery guidelines!

✅  Nutrition
✅  Exercise
✅  Mental Health
✅  Sleep
✅  Vitamins
✅  Hydration
✅  Medical Follow-Up

With Super Simple Step #2 you'll choose three weight loss surgery guidelines you'd like to focus on this holiday season. Of course this doesn't mean you'll ignore the other four, this means you're choosing the three you've had challenges with during previous holidays seasons, or when you tend to get busy.

Remember, our goal is...

Weight Loss Surgery Sweet Holiday Success!

Super Simple Step #1 to weight loss surgery sweet holiday success!

Get Clear on Your Schedule!

Sounds pretty basic, right? BUT how often do you underestimate how long something really takes? How often do you forget to allow time for those things that've been coming up a lot lately at work, school, or with your family? And what happens when your days become more filled? You usually get pushed to the bottom of the list.

That's what happened to me before weight loss surgery, and my hunch is...

Fast forward to the Monday after the big Thanksgiving weekend.

How do you want to feel?

Worried? Dreading the long December ahead filled with potlucks, get-togethers, work parties, cookie decorating, busy shopping and decorating days, and homes filled with all your favorite foods.


Holiday Confident? Enjoying the most wonderful time of the year and looking forward to spending time with people you love and care about, and all the wonderful things the season brings!

If you choose HOLIDAY CONFIDENT, then give yourself just 10 minutes to GET CLEAR on your Weight Loss Surgery Thanksgiving Backup Plan!

In the podcast, check out what I told my bariatric physician at my first visit!

You know what’s been coming up a lot in conversations lately?

The to-do list.

Or should I say, the TOO MUCH to-do list!

“My to-do list takes up all my time. There’s no way I can squeeze in any time to take care of myself.”

“No wonder I never get anywhere with my weight. My to-do list keeps me so...

I eventually developed a true love for vegetables after weight loss surgery. Today at Trader Joe's, the celery, Persian cucumbers, kale, spinach, and peppers were calling out, "Take me home with you!"

Written July, 2012, 14 months post-op weight loss surgery
I grew up with parents who loved gardening. Really it was more like farming. They both grew up farming out of necessity during the depression. I heard so many stories about how most everything served at their kitchen tables was grown in their back yards.

In my back yard, we had a huge avocado tree. We also grew...

Hey Weight Loss Surgery Friend! I'm so grateful to be talking about my weight loss surgery story in my book, "Now It's Mary's Turn!" It's been almost a year since it came out and because I have so many new WLS Friends, you may not even know I wrote a book! So please, let me tell you all about it through the VIDEOS below!

If you’re preparing for weight loss surgery or had it recently, I hope these stories encourage, inspire and motivate you to plan for life beyond protein shakes, vitamins, and the scale.

If you’re further out...

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