5 Things.

When a new client and I begin working together I ask,

“What are five things you think will help you get to your goal – that don’t necessarily involve bariatric eating and exercise?”

This stumps them every time, because they think it’s ALL supposed to be about food and exercise. This takes the client getting clear on what makes her feel good in her life, and how she’s affected when she goes without it.

Here’s some examples of my clients’ guideposts:

·      Mandala coloring
·      Tap dancing
·      Prayer
·      Making videos
·      Salsa dancing
·      Time with loved ones
·      Photography
·      Painting or coloring with grandkids
·      Baking
·      Practicing the art of makeup
·      Calligraphy
·      Meditation
·      Planner design
·      Writing poetry

You know what happens when a client begins to skip her creative, spiritual or relationship guideposts? The other things on her list that DO involve bariatric eating and exercise begin to slip.

My friend, I’ve got evidence from my clients, myself, weight loss surgery friends and some brilliant teachers on this.


What makes you feel good in your life, that isn’t about eating or exercise?

Do you open up time for creativity, love, and spirit? Or if you have an hour in your day, do you feel like you better spend it on what really matters like going to the gym, doing meal prep, cleaning the house, catching up on emails or taking care of your family?

HOLD UP! I’m not saying that these things don’t matter, I’m saying they’re not the only things that matter for your well-being.

Now it’s your turn.

List five things that bring satisfaction and joy to your life, that aren’t focused on bariatric eating or exercise:






You don’t need to do all five every day, but how about at least once a week?
And you don’t have to do each thing for hours. How about 15-30 minutes?

Now, if coming up with a list of 5 Things is a challenge for you, consider going back to when you were a child. What did you like to do?
How about when you were a teenager? What did you do for fun?
And before you had weight loss surgery, when you thought about the things you would do once you were healthier, what did you imagine? What did you picture yourself enjoying?

Still finding it challenging? 
Name three things you love to learn about.
Name three things that make you laugh.
Name three people you love to talk to.

Now, create your list of 5 Things.

Notice how you feel when you do your five things.
Then notice how much better bariatric eating and exercise go when you open up space for joy.