Written November, 2012, 18 months after weight loss surgery.

Just yesterday I wrote about Survival Strategies for the Holidays. And this post ties into many others I’ve written about life happening and how we still need to find ways to do what we must do to take care of ourselves.

I’m thinking about all the information I researched and posted yesterday. Life for me is very busy, as it is for most people. But sometimes it gets busier than usual especially around the holidays…or when children are involved in multiple activities, or when elderly relatives become ill. So tonight I’ve reread yesterday’s post to remind myself that I need to take my own advice and create some new ways to take better care of myself.

It’s important to remind ourselves that as our lives change we need to quickly recognize what’s happening and make necessary adjustments so we can continue to take care of ourselves and…


But sometimes that can be difficult. We really are creatures of habit. But what’s the point of battling against change and getting upset when we can’t stick with our regular workout routine because our schedule changed at work, or because the store no longer carries our favorite protein shake.  We need to roll with the changes so we can keep on going.

And when I say WE, I mean me. I like to do what I’m comfortable with too. But tonight, as I look at my life becoming busier, with more missed workouts, with more days asking myself if I took iron today, I need to evaluate and make the necessary adjustments. Making excuses and hoping things will get back to the way they were last week or last month, is pointless.

So I’m making adjustments, and I’ll stick with them for as long as they work. I’ll stay aware, and when things begin to transition again, which they will for sure, I’ll change it up again.

I’ll roll with the changes so I can keep on going.

As my son Travis reminds me, “Mom, you got this.”